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What is Fashion Merchandising And About Carrier?

What is Fashion Merchandising ?

Fashion merchandising has two words. Fashion+merchandising, Merchandising is that who describe and create the fashion world. Merchandising help to spreading the fashion in whole. Fashion merchandising cover the business of fashion and design. Fashion merchandising course can be done either regular attendance as well as open universities. Fashion merchandiser are those who create and produce latest fashion at the taste of public who want which type he/she demand.

Carrier In Fashion Merchandising

There are many carrier option after done fashion merchandising like he/she became a fashion designer, retail buyers, and a fashion designer. He/she also try to open a own boutique. Fashion merchandising course may be 2 or 4 yr college degree.

Essential Information

Basically fashion merchandising focus on promoting and selling current and emerging trends. Fashion merchandising accentuation the planning, manufacturing and marketing of products from a designer and manufacturing outlook.

This chart explain about course time periods mention below read carefully.

Average salary Of Fashion Merchandiser ?

Basically fashion merchandiser can make anywhere from $40000 to $125000 annually. According to his experience and hard work. If experience level is much high able to earn commanded high salaries. Mostly salary of fashion merchandisers might also be affected by his/her location as well.

Top 05 school & college who complete the degree of fashion merchandising

1.Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York

2.Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

3.Lowa State University, Ames, Lowa

4.Kent State University, Kent Ohio

5.Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Top 05 online college & university for fashion merchandising

1.Capella University

2.American Inter-continetal University

3.Full Sail University

4.Kaplan University

5.St. Leo University

Looks some pics about Fashion Merchandising and give feedback about that.

01.Famous Fashion Merchandiser & Designer In Paris

02.School Classes Of Fashion Merchandising

03.Extra Coaching Class Of Fashion Merchandising

03.Searching Ideas For Best Designs

04.Colleges Class Start For Fashion Merchandising And Designer

05.Students Practice For Rough Sketches On Charts

06.Doing Work On Designs At Home

07.Sketches Complete For Model Girls

08.Sketches For All Type Of Girl As Per Demand

09.Sketches For Wedding And Party Wear Clothes

10.Cutting Clothes As Per Sizes And Shapes Of Peoples

10.Wearing Clothes Of Statue After Designs Done


11.How To Decorate A Boutique

12.Mall Type Decorating Statues And Clothes

13.Decorates Stress With Designing clothes on statues

14.Retailer Buyer Designs

15.Latest Fashion Created By Merchandisers

16.Checking Size And Shapes Of Customers

17.Finally Last Steps Famous Models Advertise The Designs

18.Fashion Merchandisers Complete His/Her Degree

19.Last College Together Snaps With Friends

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